I was in acquaintance with a girl at my office. She was working in a different department and I used to meet her regularly. She never showed genuine interest although at times she used talk to me officially. I got to know a colleague is behind her for quite sometime. Both of them are working for > 3 yrs in the same Co. I joined recently last October’08 have seen him many times with her at work. He is actually a friend of mine who got me into the Co. via influence. I had to leave abroad as soon as I joined for a transition. Before leaving I told her about my interest towards her and also about my previous setback(ex-girlfriend). I also called her couple of times while I was away. But I couldn’t express or talk anything personal. While I came back to India. I gave her some gifts and chocolates. But never was able to express my feelings for her. When I called her out she denied couple of times indicating my friend’s presence. It got me frustrated and I was also not happy with the job or the Co. Once I proposed her via message. She sent that message to my friend. Then me and my friend had a fight literally. My work was getting affected and also I was not enjoying my Job or the Co. I decided to quit. She was not happy about it. Since then she doesn’t like to talk to me. When ever I try to call her, I hear a guy speaking to me. He also called to my house and has complained to my parents. I have lost control in life and not able o forget her. She is reminded to me via different ways and sources. I started messaging to her recently. She doesn’t reply to it. I even sent a mail to her. She replies to me in a -ve manner. I am unable to forget her. I do not even have a Job now. I have already quit 3 BIG MNCs’ ( due to personal reasons) and unable to get a suitable job now. What do I do now ?

Why you want to go after a girl who does not have any feelings or respect for you! Accept that she is not interested in you and you can do nothing about it. Find out suitable job for you and start working. It is not a matter of forgetting her, it is a matter of accepting that you are rejected. Sooner you accept the fact better your future will be!