I made a relationship with a Hindu guy .I m a Muslim girl. At the early stage, I knew that I will not continue but it was a miracle, I fell in love with him. I ignore the relation considering my family status. However, lately I became very helpless inside of our family environment. Family environment is totally out of my favor. My family members mentally and physically tortured me. There was nothing to please me. I was very lonely in those days. To be happy I involved myself with that guy. Once I was badly beaten (not for my affair just family purpose) by my brother. I came out from home and decided to commit suicide. But lately I thought to marry him. I made physical relation with him and now he is taking time to marry coz he is trying Australian visa. After that, he will marry me. but I cant wait now. What should I do please tell me? I’m in miserable condition.

What are other alternatives you have? From you mail, I guess he is the only support you have right now. You have to decide whether you afford to loose him by not waiting for him. If you do not have other feasible alternatives then you have to wait.