I m in a relationship with a girl for the past 2yrs. we really love each other but the problem is that my girlfriend has a past. Even I’ve one but she is a female. I can even accept everything but all my friends know about it and I am scared that what if I commit to her and through some source my family gets to know about her past. Rest everything is fine n we have adjusted with each other quiet well n are thinking bout a future together. How can I prevent a situation where my family gets to know about her past?

I think this is between two of you. If both of you are ready to accept the past of each other then rest of the people can be ignored. You should not think that your past is acceptable and her past is not, just because she is a girl. It sounds too narrow and you need to show some sensitivity towards the issue. You can always stop people talking by putting your foot down and your acceptance for the same.