I m a 26 yr old male, with good business and financial background, married to my school friend who is 27, it was friendship turned into love then the wedding , initially she had problems with shifting to small town and my family, now we are trying to shift to a new house, I have a very successful career and I focus on that as well. after the wedding I have not had a lot of time for her, I agree to this problem and committed to her that I need some time ( 2 years)to sort out my career challenges then I can have a comfortable and a stable life for myself and her, the problems between us do not seem to minimize though there is just little understanding. she is very intolerant of my folks and family. even when we are outside everything about them disturbs her, I have tried to console her that I m making ways for us to live separately but she wants things too quick and do not want an inch of them. she is very very abusive towards them( I do not know y I take it). I understand her problems and completely relate to her with the cultural gap between the family but I have certain responsibilities as well( though I m in waters with the relationship with my folks too). now she understands but behaves too violent and off late I m beginning to loose my temper and I have started being physically violent as well. I do not know what’s going wrong. we fight, we make up and then at any drop we fight again just seems there was no understanding between us , there is none now , she proposes that we separate for a couple of years till we figure out my carrier and what we want and become stable . plz advise if we should go for it.

Every one tries to make their career at your age but that does not mean that you run away from your other responsibilities. To give time to your wife and family is your moral responsibility. Try to balance your time between work and family. “Once I will settle down” that in fact never happens in life, life is always on.
 Your wife is emotionally pressurizing you by proposing separation for couple of years. Try to talk to her sympathetically and be always available to her mentally as well as physically (do not put time as an excuse, manage your time any how).Never ever become physically violent as it is most traumatizing for any person. (I think you are frustrated because of situation and taking it out physically). This will only worsen your problem. At the same time I will like to advise you not to succumb emotional blackmailing because that will create new issues in your life, offer her practical solution instead.And even after doing this,if she insists sepration then give it a try if you can.sometimes absence of person makes you to realise certain things better.