I’m 26yrs old working girl living alone sometimes with my ma in a separate city from my town. My relationship with a guy started from 3 years ago when I came in my working city. The guy lives in my home town. We were just phone friend. But coming over here we chatted for hours, our intimacy got closer. Couple of time he proposed me. After a little bit hesitation I accepted him. After accepting I became crazy for him. We could see each other occasionally for the distance. One more thing I mentioned he had a previous relationship and I knew everything. The period we engaged he was so upset. Everything was alright. But problem started since I came to know that they met, they called. Of course they r now just friend but at that moment I did not understand anything. My mother also supported my wrong thoughts. One more thing happened here. One of my colleague from the beginning liked me we were just good friends but my mental distress made me closer to him. He is just opposite of my fiancé. In fact I’m v much emotional and I need same intensity from my partner. But I could not get. What I could not get from my partner I got from my colleague. After some times, I disclosed my feelings to my boy friend. He is v matured and forgave me n our relationship continued. But my colleague n me r so similar in thoughts and we spend together from Morning to evening both of us r just getting closer n closer completely unwontedly. A problem with my fiancé is that he sometimes said I’m immature, and our frequency level is not matched but it was matched with his ex girl friend. I cannot tolerate this n frequency level with my colleagues is perfect. But still I did not want to love him. I always want to love my Fiancé. But now the problem soars in the sense whenever we get closer physically, or hugged each other the crying face, of my colleague pokes in my mind. I don’t become easy. Someone is feeling pain for me who loves me blindly I cant accept that. Besides I don’t want to marry him nor want to be with him. Again I disclosed my inner feelings and problem to my fiancé but this time he is little bit serious. I thought I wont continue my relationship. But he would not be in my life. I cant think in my dream. Pl sir help me. I’m very much confused. I need your help.

You should call off your relationship with your colleague. He may be great emotional support to you but you can not risk your future marital life. As you said, you do not love him and do not want to get married to him then why you want to spoil your future marriage? If he is feeling pain for you, then he has to work on his feelings. You are feeling mercy on him and not love that he should realize.