I’m 21 and my fiancé is 20. We both are Christians and both strongly believe in waiting for sex until marriage. We’ve been dating for a year and have plans to get married next year. Lately I’ve been having a problem. I’m strongly attached to my fiancé emotionally. I get very needy and clingy when I’m with her and she does to me too. Being “male” I often find my mind wandering off and occasionally daydreaming about having sex with her; as with every male I’m sure will think such things. Lately I’ve been having uncontrollable muscle contractions in my chest, starting when I think about sex with my fiancé. Being at the peak age of my sex drive it’s hard not to think about it, even if I try to distract myself. On several occasions she gets very worried about the contractions and will cry in vain, even to the point of vomiting because there’s nothing she can do. She’s offered to “Just do it” in hope it will make things better for me, but I reject. I’m running out of options as I find myself in this emotional mood with my fiancé getting more and more frequent. I’ve asked around and done research and find nothing positive out of premarital sex, so I wouldn’t want to consider it unless it was really something that would cure it. The muscle spasms get harder and more frequent and I can’t pinpoint a reason why. Is the love for my fiancé that strong? Is my “male lustful” anatomy and strong emotional connection with my fiancé combining causing me to have a breakdown? Is it stress caused by my neediness? All I know is that it got so bad one night I had my first migraine in over three years last week. Please help.

Having sexual urge at this age is very normal. Your muscle spasm has nothing to do with your manliness and not all male will have it in condition like yours. Most probably it must be a result of stress generated over your sexual suppression (suppressing physiological arousal).
If you want to avoid intercourse before marriage, you can do either of this, ask her to help you in masturbation or masturbate on your own fantasizing about her.
Migraine is known to occure in such kind of stressful conditions.