I m 19+.I am working too. I don’t know what I want to do and what can exactly I do. Actually there are many people in my life but only 2-3 friends but no best friend. The person to whom I love from past 2 years doesn’t respect me, he doesn’t have caring attitude towards me, and many more things are there but all negative. He calls me whenever he wants to have a physical relation and if I say no then he abuses me like anything. My best friend also ditched me. Actually I can’t tolerate if any person hates me. I love my friends so I always say that I LOVE YOU. One person is there in my office, I like him a lot and I have told him but he is already committed .He saw my mails where I wrote I love you to one of my friend, he became aggressive and said that this shows my character. I can’t take it any more……………… ACTUALLY I AM REALLY CONFUSED THAT WHAT I WANT TO ASK YOU AND WHAT I SHOUL DO. Please help me out.

First person, to whom you love since 2 years, is using you to fulfil his physical needs. In spite of all negative things for you in that relation, what keeps you to continue?! You cannot keep on telling I LOVE YOU to everyone! You seem to be very sensitive to rejection and longing to be loved. There may be some emotional reasons behind this which you need to introspect.