I loved a person in my relation for 4 years. He is ten years elder than me. When I was studying in 10th, he asked me to marry him. But we were in small misunderstanding so I refused to do so. Due to his parents compulsion he was married to another girl, but from the day before his marriage I begged him to come back. He tried but he couldn’t; now he is also having a baby. But still I love him and he also loves me and always says that he was not happy in his life, we also used to have sex. I still think him as my husband. I know what I was doing is wrong but something says me that it’s right. I was in depression of thinking of this often. He tells me that he’ll marry but I can’t be his second wife. What shall I do? I feel ashamed of myself and because of me he also suffers a lot in his life.

Call this off. By continuing this both of you will keep on suffering. Try to find out suitable match and get married.