I love a guy who is my relative but the relation is such that we can marry easily. However, the problem is our families. We are engaged from last 5 years. Before one n half year, our families had n argument and they split their business but now my papa and his papa talks with each other nicely. Another problem is I am a working professional i.e. I am s/w engineer and he is just a BCom graduate. With this, we two don’t have any problem but I think my family will have. His family is aware of our relations; they are not accepting our relation. His mother says that if he will marry me then he will not have any place in their home but he is quite sure that they will accept afterwards. My family is not aware of all this We are planning to tell them in this month because I don’t want to marry him without my parents permission they matter me a lot. His sister-in-law is suggesting us to marry in the court and then tell my parents but I don’t think this is a good way. What should I do can anybody help me

I agree with you. You should talk to your parents. You should assure them that you are going to take final decision with their permission only and will wait for that. This will indirectly pressurize them to take decision early.