I have separated from my husband recently. My daughter, who is four and half years old, suddenly has to cope with many changes. I have shifted to my parents’ house. Here, she has to adjust with her grandparents and a new locality where she has no friends. Tell me as to what should be my attitude towards her? How can I inculcate good values in her in the little time we have without her feeling neglected and also without spoiling or pampering her?

Since you have not mentioned about the reason of separation from your husband and also about the attachment of the child with the father, it becomes little difficult to talk. However, since she is at a malleable age, it should not be very difficult for her to adjust to this new environment until and unless she is extremely hurt or affected by the separation. There will be teething problems that will have triumph over time. You will have to be very supportive but firm with her so that she does not take the sympathetic advantage of the situation. Every child knows basic good values and they are not taught they are learnt on their own so one just has to be a good example to them.