I have been married for last 22 years. We never had a happy marriage. On the contrary my husband used to even start abstaining from me. One major reason was my dominating ma-in-law. I was 19 when I got married. I did not feel strange then but soon after my engagement I realised I would never be happy with him. He was just not my kind. I also had some soft corner for someone else who is a relative of mine. But due to relations neither of us could express love verbally. He too loved me. All these years I was busy managing my ugly marriage so I never could think of him. But now a day whenever I see him on any family function I feel for him. He too with his gestures expressed love for me. Everyone saw his madness for me. But the next time i saw him he was a complete stranger to me. He behaved as if he was sorry to see me there. As if he was ignoring me, but in fact he was watching me secretly. I was surprised. Then today I happened to have a casual talk with him on phone and he was very formal. He was trying to show his complete faithfulness towards his wife. I am completely degenerated and distressed. I love him and need him as a friend only in my life. What to do? I cannot call him again and again. But my incomplete life needs his warmth. What to do? I cannot show him my heart.

You are trying to feel your emptiness and marital unhappiness by establishing relationship with him. However, you have to remember that he may not be unhappy with his marriage. He may not be interested in serious relationship with you but may get in to it just for fun (to have another woman), if you will keep pursuing. In that case, on long run you are going to get pain and I think which you have an ample at present. His attitude suggests that he is not interested in supporting you on emotional front. Stay away from him.