I have been married for 3 years now, I was working before but my in-laws did not want me to do a job but start a business if I wish. I myself love being home and like creative arts and being there for my family always. But I don’t feel comfortable at my place; it’s me my husband, his parents and our 2 yr old son. My mother in law’s habits irritate me a lot, and all this makes me behave rudely and later I feel guilty about it. I have tried telling her several times but it does not help, she cares for me too, but I hate the show off behind it, and that nature of show off is in everything be it religious activities, or anything. She speaks too loudly; she is very impatient and restless all the time. I just feel like running away, because I am a peace loving and very patient person. We can’t move out as my husband really loves and cares his parents a lot, and I respect his feelings. Please help me as I can’t even concentrate on little things I do, I am always irritated and sad and I was never like this.

You are aware that her nature and habits are the root cause of her behavior. You have to take this awareness to acceptance. Accept that she is not going to change and will be the same. Learn to live with her or prepare yourself for steps like doing job or separation. Do not think that she can be changed by your sufferings or your husband’s involvement; this will only worsen her attitude towards you.