I have been into a relationship with a girl for past 6 years. The girl’s family did not have a good background (socially), so I always wanted her not to idealize her family. I gave her full support in everything. Apart from that I put on a couple of restrictions on her, restrictions which were very easy not something that would change her life completely. But after 5 years of relationship I came to know she had been hiding about her past relationship with me and she also hide some other facts. She went to meet her ex behind my back without telling me. Anyway when I came to know about it I simply forgave her for lying to me. As we have been living in different continents since past 2 years we could not meet often. After 4 years she said that she was fed up of those restrictions, so I agreed with her and let her do whatever she wanted. I suspected her many times because she always gave me the vibe of it. Anyway after 6 years she says she does not want to be in this relationship anymore and she does not love me now. And the reason is that she had a traumatic situation all these 6 years, and she wants mental peace. I let her go because I thought that for 6 years the mistakes I have made small or big I have admitted them. The only thing I did for 6 years was love her, and I believed that if she has ever loved me she will come back. I never forced her to come back. But after her my life is all disturbed. I have a mental setback. I’m at the peak of my career but I have lost confidence in everything. I just waste my time thinking about everything and cannot concentrate on my work. All these years I was loyal and honest, but in return I just got ignorance. What should I do? How should I make my peace with myself? Too many questions wander my mind every second. How can I get mental satisfaction? Please help me.

She blamed you for break up and you have guilt about it. In fact she might have lost the interest because of some other relationship and just to call off, she has put blame on you. Do not get victimized in blame game and overcome the guilt. Once you will find yourself free from the guilt and will accept the breakup, things should be alright with you with passage of the time.