I have been in a long distance (1 hour apart) relationship for 8 years now. I am almost done school and have a great job. My boyfriend decided he wanted to start his own business a year ago and said he does not want to commit unless he has a stable income. However, I feel like he is not giving his business “his all” and sometimes I wonder if he will ever get himself together. I worry about his spending habits because he is always going out with his friends spending money on dinners and it makes me feel like he does not give a shit about saving up for our future together. Sorry about the swearing, I love the guy more than anyone and I know he feels the same, but sometimes I feel like maybe he is just giving me excuses and really he has doubts about us or something… or else why would not you commit after 8 years???!!!

I also think that he is giving you an excuse as his attitude seems different then what he intends (i.e. stable income). Moreover 8 years is quite long time for commitment. Talk to him on this issue in a very clear manner, expressing your concern and doubts.