I have a very very low growth of beard because of which sometimes I feel embarrassing. I have a bunch of hair on my chin, but no hair whatsoever on cheeks. Is it possible for me to grow beard? I am perfectly normal as far as other masculine traits are concerned. However, I am worried because of this problem. My parents are pushing me for marriage, but I do not want to marry because of this problem. Can you suggest a tube or medicine that can solve my problem?

Men have different patterns of hair growth on their body. Beard pattern, which you have described, is one of the normal patterns. As you have other normal masculine traits, your hormonal system must be in balance. You need not to feel inferior or worry about this. Concentrate on other aspects of your personality to boost up your confidence. You can go for marriage without any hesitation. You do not require any medicines, in fact no such medicines are available that can grow hair on cheeks