I have a relation with an 18 year old girl from last 3 years. I love her very much and she too and we decided to marry after 4 years. But when I told my parents about this relationship they did not agree. Because the girl is from an uneducated family and she stopped her studies in class 10 and I’m a student of Bangalore IIT. My parents gave me some condition- 1.If I marry that girl they will not give any support to me. 2. They will not stay with me after my marriage with that girl. But I can’t live without that girl and family too. What will I do in these situation, break the heart of my girl friend and finish myself or continue the relation spoiling the relation with my parents who always help me from my childhood? I’m totally helpless please help me.

You should have thought this very early in four years of relationship. Now you have to struggle to please your parents and girlfriend. If you do not want to lose any of them then wait until your parents agree. Meanwhile, you may continue your efforts to convince them. You may take help of someone to whom they listens.