I have a girlfriend 1 year younger then me. We came in contact 1,1/2year before. From 8months, before we get much closed and we had a physical relationship. She was virgin before that (I had got many physical relationship experiences before this).But 1/2 a week before I forced to tell everything about her past. she confessed she had also an experience of kissing and body touch with 5 guys when she was in intermediate but not up to physical relationship(that’s true).and from last 1 year she had left every thing for me that I don’t like. Now she is very faithful to me and every thing is fine. She don’t know anything about my past (I had lied her).but the problem past boyfriend lives near my house and he is my friend (not very close friend).once I asked him regarding there relationship. He confessed as she has told me and also advised me don’t think very much about these it was like an accident and had forgotten every thing about this. This guy had more physical relationship experience then me. Nowadays I don’t want to meet this guy but accidently when we met we talk to each other as usual but I got tensed and depressed very much. pls suggest me what should I do to overcome from this and I want to marry my girlfriend . So, should I marry her or not? She had very much faith on me and she once took me to her house and get introduced to her mom she had told everything to her mom about us

If you both are comfortable with each other’s past, you should go ahead. If she is unaware about your past then it is your moral responsibility to reveal that to her.
That guy is not your close friend, you may stop interacting with him if it is making you tense and depressed.