I had love marriage in 2000 and blessed with one child. My husband is an engineer and has been unemployed for last 6 years and I am taking care of all financial burdens through working. Since we got married he had a very low sex desire and hence I had been living with it. For last 2-3 yrs we hardly have sexual contact and in spite of asking several times he refuses to talk on this subject and says since he is unemployed he has no right to enjoy. Recently his behaviour has drastically changed as he is always negative and doesn`t come physically close to me at all. After probing he says that I am unable to emotionally connect with you due to your behaviour etc. For last 10 years I have never fought with him on larger issues but only normal disagreements. Though he is very supportive on all other household matters but when it comes to our relationship he is much closed. He is upset with his family members including his father, brother and one step mother. They have been never supportive in any way and from early age he was always beaten up by them for small things .Since for last 7 yrs he is jobless and now I am tired of taking all responsibility of home and work, and also he says now it will be difficult to get a job. My job is also a pvt. job which is unstable and too demanding, on top of it i don`t get any financial and physical, support from my husband, i want to dissolve this marriage especially when he had said that I cannot emotionally connect with you and also that i have lot of poison inside me and also he said that he is a man of very few desires. I have been very patient with him for last 10 years and now my health has started deteriorating. PLEASE help me whether it is his genuine problem or he is mentally sick, and whether should I dissolve this marriage?

It seems that his issues are not only limited to sex and unemployment, there has to be other deep rooted psychological issues with him. His inner turmoil is not letting him behave effectively in the given circumstances. You should seek professional help to deal with this. As I understand he might not be ready to seek professional help in that case you can have a clear discussion with him disclosing your intention to get separated, as he might be taking you for granted.