I got married to my husband ten years back. It was more or less a love marriage. He is 37 and I am 30. Since last 2yaers I am having a problem with him as he is not interested in having sex with me much. I feel dejected. And he is trying to have relationship with other ladies (only through phone conversation). Every time I have caught him but then he will apologize and then again with the other woman he restarts it. Just recently I caught him having sexual chats on his mobile .when asked he is telling this is something very common most of men do chat. But when asked about sexual chat, he is telling I have lost interest in sex; now by doing this I am trying to regain it back .do you think that it is ok? pls tell me ? I am not able to trust him at all after all this but for my 5 yr old son I am keeping quiet. He is telling me not to ask him anything as it makes him feel embarrassed. I am not able to take things that light. I am not able to tell my family about it as it may hurt them. Give me a solution on this pls.

I do not think that by doing this anyone can get his interest back in sexual life with wife. Probably he is addicted to such talks and things may be beyond this. If he says he is embarrassed doing this then ask him to see a psychiatrist. If he is really embarrassed and want to come out of this, he will be ready to take help. Otherwise, just think that he is making excuses and is cheating on you.