I fell in love with my good friend, but she did not accept me saying that she does not look at me that way. We continued being best friends, and I often kept on telling her about my feelings every now and then hoping that someday she will think differently of me. But now she has chosen someone else and that has broken my heart. I still love her too much but it’s difficult for me to see her go to someone else. She still says that I’m her best friend, but I don’t know what to do, since it hurts me being her friend now. She doesn’t want me to go away, but I’m not sure if we can continue our friendship. Please advice.

It is your fault, as she was very clear from the beginning. You should have accepted the fact while she repeatedly rejected your proposal. Now you have to decide whether you will continue to be with her as friend or not. She would insist to continue because she is clear from the beginning.