I am married and I was in a relation with a girl before marriage who knew about my girl friend (now wife). Even she was having a relationship with someone and we came close since we were working in the same organisation. We both knew that we had to get married one day but we loved each other a lot. I changed my job sometime back and in the same time when I was busy, she felt I ignored her. Now she is not talking to me. She avoids me. I always took her as my wife. She today tells me that she is concerned about her future and she won’t be able to handle our relation. Had I thought this way, I would have left her soon after my marriage. I did not do so because I loved her and still do so. I feel what she is doing is wrong and it’s paining me a lot. She does not call, not does she talk to me. Please help

Accept that it is over. Once woman lose interest in the relationship, it becomes difficult to revive. You did not do it that does not mean that she cannot do it. Do not get surprised she has done it.