I am married and blessed with one daughter ,my sister is a divorcee with one daughter and lives at my parents house which is just 4 house away from my house. We share a good relationship and I with my family visit every day to my mother`s house as it is just next door. Recently my parents had gone out of station and my sister along with her daughter where alone living in my mother`s house. My parents have a computer on which my husband do some work whenever required. One day my husband went to their house in the morning saying to me that he is going to my mother`s house to do some work. However after one hour I went to talk to my sister and I found that my husband had shown some nude pictures to my sister asking for who this girl is. My sister objected and said how do I know? At that moment I came and asked what happened. After cross questioning my husband told me that I think the photo resembled your sister and i had to confront her that she should stop downloading her photographs on net. I was shocked as the photograph was not hers and he had assumed this, secondly he did not shared this with me and directly confronted my sister and that too when she was alone in the house, I have started suspecting him as he might have some ill eye on my sister. When I asked why you did not share this he said yes it is my mistake and I apologize but I was so sure that it is her snaps that I thought I should finish the matter by myself and let her image be tarnish free, I am unable to believe this, please help what should I do? I want to trust my husband but the circumstances are not allowing me, kindly advice.

Whatever explanation your husband gives for his beahviour is not digestible. If this is the first incident, you should warn him so such an act is not repeated. Ask your sister also to be cautious and report to you if any sort of this beahviour occurs.