I am in love with the girl of my dreams. She also loves me a lot or let’s say more intensely than me. However, the problem is, in last winter I had flings with some prostitutes. But she was not in my life at that time. I did not even know her name. I am in great guilt due to the incidence. She hates liars and never conceals anything from me. I am very confused. Plzz tell, should I tell her about this or not? My few friends also know about my flings. Therefore, at any point of time, possibility can arise…when they can tell her about the same.

If she is not too fussy about such things then tell her regarding your fling emphasizing that it was before you even knew her. However, if she is hard to please in such matters then never talk about this. If it was just fling, then you should not feel guilty and there is nothing wrong in hiding such insignificant facts. Otherwise, one good relation will be tinted with negative feelings. You may tell your friends about your confusion and not to tell anything to her in future, if you really trust them. Or otherwise take a chance.