I am in a relationship with a guy for the past 2yrs. we both are happy with each other and love each other deeply. but the main problem here is that the guy knows that I wasn’t a virgin when I met him ,I had been in a relation with another guy for about 3yrs,n almost all his friends know that too. I haven t cheated on him ever except hiding a few facts when our relationship started. However, he has done that twice and says that he couldn’t t carry the guilt so confessed himself. Now he says he loves me very much but can’t marry me as I’ve a gruesome past and people around him know about it, and what if someday his parents also get to know about it. Even though v have adjusted with each other very well. And he knew about my past from the very first day not through me but through his friends. Now I am so deeply attached that I can’t even think about life without him. I’ve given him time to think n try to sought out things in mind and accept but nothing seems to work. Moreover, even he has a past, which is worse than mine is

Where is the deep love?!!
I think you should stop fooling yourself. He should have raised this issue at the beginning. Now that he has brought this issue means, he has lost interest (and you are talking about deep love?!). However, he does not have courage to admit this or he wants to continue without any commitment. Try to accept this and wind up. I know, it is painful but it is the fact you need to accept.