I am in a love relationship from last 8 yrs, we have decided to marry, his parents are not in favour of this marriage bcoz of caste and also bcoz I am not beautiful as their son is, which they keep saying to him. All this sometimes leads to a big fight btw both of us. Though we got engaged, but still his parents are insulting me and my parents, the guy though seem to be supportive, but don’t accept the mistake of his parents even if they are wrong. Now I am confused whether I should marry him or not, bcoz his mother hates me like anything, she always find fault in me and in spite of making her mother understand on this, he blames me, plz help

I think your decision should depend on your fiancé’s attitude. If he understands you and stand by you to protect your self-respect then you should go ahead. You should held serious discussions with him on this issue, because it is difficult to resolve such issues later on and life of both becomes miserable.