I am hoping you will have a moment to provide me with your perspective. I’m sure you have heard this a thousand times but I saw your site and would like your advice. My wife has never really been interested in intimacy (making love). I have only been with her and she with me. Married 27 years Two high school boys We met in college We get along great Our current ages 45 Frequency twice a month She is a daily runner We have discussed it and it just have never been important I don’t know why but for some reason, I just seem to feel I not only want higher frequency but want the intimacy to be deeper. I want her to want it as well and be excited about us being together. We enjoy the love making but she says infrequently is fine for her. We both work – We both help out around the house (dishes, laundry, yardwork, kids) What do you suggest? Seriously interested in your advice Thank you in advance

Sexual Desire has mainly physiological and psychological components. If it is right from the beginning of your relationship then possibility of psychological reasons are more likely. In-depth analysis of her rearing, sexual orientation, childhood sexual experiences (sexual abuse) etc is required. She may be suffering from Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. Psychiatric evaluation can throw light on this. Moreover you may think of getting her Thyroid Profile as a rare possibility Hypothyroidism may be the reason. Although having two children after her low desire rules out any major hormonal problems.