I am from India, have been married for past six & half years, he married me opposing his parents and have one daughter. He is a responsible person but he really do not care about my feeling, he shows much interest in TV rather than me, he very rarely listens to me what I say but he finds me interesting only on bed. My husband’s nature is very dominating, he wants me to do thing as per his instructions, and he manages home expense & others. Both of us are working but I have to ask for money whenever I need, he gives money to his parents on regular basis but when my parental family needs help financially, refused to give saying that you are married now & have no right to give them money, even though I am working but I cannot help my family. Then I did secret saving & helped them. Everything was going okay. One day I came to know through his mails, he is seeing 2-3 girls & chatting with them on daily regular basis, firstly, he says deny that he has not met any one of them, but I do not believe him anymore because what so ever he says I proved his lies. He says he is interested for oral sex only, that 2 girls are working with him in his office but actually they are not. Now he agrees that they are not of same office. He says that he will discontinue all this & putting his effect to make this marriage successful, but I am not able to trust him anymore. I am little confused what should I do. Please guide. Thanks

I agree with you that it is difficult to trust such a person but at the same time it is a hard core reality in your life. If you think that he is genuinely regretting his deeds and is will to work for your marital relationship than you can give him a chance with keeping your third eye on. You should also discuss the consequences if he fails to be sober.