I am deeply, truly and madly in love with someone. He is poor, only a degree holder and not so handsome guy. But I care nothing. He is not earning and 7years older to me. We are in love for 6 years but, my parents and relatives hate him. They have never spoken to him or met him. I deeply know he is good. Entire his community knows he is good. But my parents never listened to me. They got me married to a doctor who is rich than us and really a nice guy so they think. It’s been 4 months we married. I just hate him so much. He forces me to have sex, slapped me twice but portrays as if he loves me a lot in front of all. I told my parents I can’t live with him and I want to go back to my love. But they got me bock to my husband’s home. He says he will not force me but parents say they will die if I don’t be a good wife. I never behaved as if I hate my husband in front my in laws .but my husband told them. They felt bad but didn’t scold me. I have lot of respect for them. I don’t want to hurt them. I’m just living for others. But how long. My love is ready for me to come back but, my parents will die. If I won’t go to my boy friend, I will really be unhappy. I have lost hope to live or laugh. Please help me out. I have got suicidal tendencies all ready but trying to get over them. Please help me.

I think this is between you and your parents. Why you should hate your husband? Contrarily you have done injustice to him. Any male would expect sexual relation with wife! You have not mentioned under what circumstances he slapped you. Just because you could not displease your parents, you made compromise and now you hate him!!
You have only two options; accept your current marriage or go against your parent’s wish. If you are having suicidal thoughts then you should consult Psychiatrist on urgent basis.