I am currently separated from my hubby after 5 years of marriage. Only because he couldn’t keep his promises to me to stay off the drug benzo’s. His actions disrupt the house hold when he does this, I have taken him back 2x’s before and he expects me to again. My kids will be angry if I do. I just don’t know how to deal with his addiction. Funny thing is he is getting medical help for addiction but still finds a way to get downed out. Can you tell me what you think? Any info would help.

No medical help will be effective unless he is motivated to leave. Do you really think that he wants to leave? Because there are addicts who take treatment to satisfy family members but actually they are never serious about quitting their habits. Might sound strange but true!! He may have associated issues (interpersonal, emotional, financial etc.) which need to be addressed. You can also discuss with his treating doctor to make treatment more effective.