I am businessman of 40 yrs, happily married till 2 months back. I have a son 12 yrs, adopted daughter 8 yrs. I read a sent sms in my wife’s mobile `I love u, you r my valentine’ on 14th Feb. sent to my best friend, very rich & handsome. When I asked her, she accepted it. I told her if he also agrees I will be away from your path. She said he hasn’t responded. I called him to meet us .He came immediately. He scolded her & told me that there was never such thing between them. He told me that she phoned me 1 month back, told that I am going in depression & I don’t want to take medicines. Hence I started telling her positive thinking on phone. (She was under depression for 10 yrs). There was never a subject of love between their talks. He says he is not interested even in speaking with her. There is no sexual relationship between them. But she says that I should allow her to speak with him once daily as it increased her confidence level & the talks are purely friendly. But my friend now denies talking w/her as he is married & is not interested. a psychiatric counselor told interviewed all the threes told me that there is all the truth & my wife needs psychiatric treatment as there is nothing to interpret as love between them. I consulted a psychiatrist who is confused whether it is a love affair or delusion of love (erotomania).he has started her on tab.lithium since 8 days, without her knowledge as she refused treatment. Response is good. So what can be future problems? Can she be mine again (she says I love u 100%).can there be progressive relationship between two of them? we all live in same city & our families are good friend.

When non-qualified person tries to counsel mentally ill person, there is always a risk like this. (Mentally ill will become dependent on them or develops emotional attachment and untrained counselor does not know what to do). I think your friend has learned this lesson hard way and that is why he is not interested in talking to her now. I do not think that there can be further progress between them as your friend was never interested in her. Follow the advise of your psychiatrist, he will take care of her.