I am always dwelling in past and not able to concentrate on my carrier and other aspects of life. Ever since my break off with the guy whom I loved so much I am not able to live a normal life. Everybody in my family is now getting irritated with me. Whenever I start any discussion with anyone, my point stops in discussing the past while giving the instances of past. I am really fed up of it. I do not want that my new relationship, which I am looking forward to, should get ruined because of thinking about past so much. I always miss that old guy and still believe he was the best for me which I couldn’t handle on my own. I will be getting married soon and I do not want to spoil my new relationship…please help

Breakups are always painful and more so with genuine affection. Women always ruminates more about broken relationships then men. There is no way to erase painful memories. What you can do is; look foreword in life, try to be engaged in current as well as new relationships, stop talking about old relationship, do not try to analyze your past relationship and do not maintain contact with him.