I am a student of engineering and my course is of four years. One year has passed. I lived in the college hostel but I was not comfortable with my two roommates. So most of the time was spent with my two very intimate friends, they both belonged to different rooms. I was too much caring for one of them. My care with him caused a sexual relationship. I would be on his bed for the nights of one month or more. Every night after he would sleep, we would have sex which included kissing on lips and we simply shook each other’s penis till it discharged, after that my friend would become unconscious. I don’t know whether he could ever know about this or not. But one or two times it happened in the day time with his eyes opened. After that we went for vacations of two months and when we returned I chose two of them as my roommates. I did the same with him 10 days in the night and one day he scolded me for that. Since then I left all these things, I have told him sorry many times and he said that it was ok, even then my relationship with him is not going well. His old room mates gave me the feedback that he doesn’t like my extra caring nature, so I changed my nature for him. Three months has been passed with him as my roommate but still I am suffering as he is so much rude to me and I am not able to detach my feelings with him? Can I improve my relation with him? If no, how can I control my emotions? Please reply.

His behaviour suggests that he is not interested in you and your care. Accept this fact and stay away from him. If possible change your room.