I am a single woman of age 26 years. Till my teen age days I use to insert things in to my vagina. It began with pen and then to thicker things. I use to enjoy without knowing its consequences. I don’t practice such things anymore because I don’t enjoy it anymore. It doesn’t give me the same feeling (orgasm) or may be I have become sexless. Earlier, when I use to insert things, my vagina would be flooded with some thick fluid which has vanished now and my lower abdomen has swelled up. It seems I must have some problem in my cervix. Now, my parents want me to get married but I am scared and need your help: 1.Will my husband recognize that my vagina has been used for such purposes or has loosened? 2.What about the fluid? Will I be able to respond during intercourse? 3.Is there any medicine to get rid of this problem?

First of all there are several myths, which need clarification. There must be several teenagers who are following similar practice (of course their method varies). It is called masturbation and it is normal physiological urge.Masturbation doesn’t make you unable to enjoy sex in long run (sexless as you mentioned). The thick fluid is a lubrication that a woman releases to make the intercourse enjoyable and painless.Since you don’t enjoy the insertion process anymore, u don’t lubricate anymore.You will start lubricating once again when u will start enjoying the love making with your life partner.No, the husband will not know about the masturbation habit unless he is told about.  There are several gels available if incase you fear lubrication.