I am a middle class Muslim girl, eldest of the five girls to my parents. My father’s only ambition in life was to provide education to me so that I take care of my remaining sisters. I did my MBA and working with reputed company. During my college days I met with a guy who belongs to Hindu religion. We were in love and after 8 years of our relationship I told my father that I love him and I want to marry him. My father and other family members did not accept our relationship and started abusing me and my boyfriend. Then I got married to him in March 2009 and left the house. But I am guilty that I was not able to support and look after my parents and sisters. I really love them and want to be with them and with my husband. Kindly advise me how to make them feel that I am there for them. Provide me a solution that could make everyone happy. Waiting for your reply.

Most of the people are fanatic about their religions, Muslims are more so. I do not think you can make everyone happy. Let the time pass, they may realize and accept. If they cannot, then go ahead in your life.