I am a married woman with an eight year old child. I have been struggling with financial issues right from childhood. I never saw a good childhood. I used to work part time with studies. I was a lead debater in my college and used to do lot of creative writing. Then I fell in love and the guy cheated me. I had to marry a man who my parents chose for me. When I entered the new house, my husband was neck deep in debt. He was the eldest in the family. He was upset because of low dowry and even had insulted my parents. My salary was never my own. Life continued somehow with fights and blows and aches. Then I had a son who I thought would be end of problems. He is a brilliant child but more inclined towards my husband’s family. My hubby and I had frequent fights. There is no sex for the past nine years. Last year I fell in love with a man much younger than my age. He loves me madly and would not take anyone else as a partner but me. We are compatible in every way. Financially he too is very bad but he has abundant love and care which he showers on me. We have been together whenever possible. I want to go to him. But my past insecurities haunt me. His financial status scares me. I am in a very secure job and well paid. There is nothing left in my marriage but the child. I even told my husband about my affair but he did not react. I told him I want to go away and want a divorce. He never tried to stop me but for some feeble protests. My in-laws have also been told about my decision by my hubby. I don’t know what to do. I can’t live without the man I love but his financial condition worries me. He too has a job and a good position in the radio industry. I know for sure he loves me very much and does not want anyone else in his life. He even took me to his office and introduced me to his staff. He took me to his rented house and introduced me as the girl he is going to marry. His mother knows, his brother knows. Please help me. I am going mad.

If I have understood correctly, you are only worried about his financial status. There is no other issue with him. As such you have nothing left in your marital life and have financial issues here too. With this background the only thing which you really need to consider is your child’s response and reaction.