I am a married Hindu male working in Public Sector Company for the last 22 yrs. I have a married Christian lady colleague with whom I have been working for the last 11 years. She always have my opinion in all respect whether it is office matter, family matter, or medical matter related to her Gynecological or his family members. I love her most and as I have a lot of faith in her I have said her several times that she is special to me and I like her most, but she never gives me direct reply but remains silent. Many a times I have rebuked her and told her to cut relation with me but she never does so rather behaves with me more politely. Now I would like to know whether she loves me in real or just uses me to serve her purposes.

Respect in the relationship always comes out of love so you should not doubt her love for you. Women are always like to be indirect in their expression hence she might not be responding in the way you want. However, that does not mean that she does not love you or utilize you for her purposes. In spite of your rejection she behaves politely with you is other indirect indication that she loves and cares for you.