I am 39 year old married man having 2 children. I am a family man, loving my family. I got to know a girl, with whom I fell in love. I used to talk over phone 4/5 times a day & also regularly SMS her. I love her a lot, but I also want to see her happily married with a suitable man. My wife got to know about it as she got the telephone call list. She created a lot of problem; she informed my parents as well as her family also. I promised her I will leave the girl, but I still love the girl. Now my wife is making my life hell. She calls me throughout the day 15/20 times & keeps track of my movement. She insists to leave my office & go to factory with my dad & brothers, so that I am always surrounded, she even enquires my staff & my family members of my movement. She threatens that she will hire a private detective to follow me. She even ordered me to leave my friends & go straight from home to office & vice versa. ….. Sir, I am fed up. She calls me 20 times a day & asks my movement. Sir, I love my family & I want to hold it together. At the same time I don’t see any wrong having 1/2 girlfriends just for time pass or some extra excitement in life. Please tell me what to do? My wife is driving me mad by always suspecting me.

You have lost her trust and made her insecure. Her reaction is natural and probably your attitude, that there is nothing wrong in affair, is making it bit intense. Remember you cannot ride two horses at a time!