I am 30yrs old married for 5yrs. my family forced me to marry. B4 marriage my in laws seemed good but immediately after marriage they changed. I am the 2nd wife of my husband. The 1st wife is divorced bcoz he was satisfied with her sex relation n others thought he is not capable of sex. I had a lot of torture after my marriage from my in laws. I have a 31/2 yr old child. After marrying to me my hubby proved that he is capable of sex. He is a nice person n he knows what torture I am going thru.wen I was pregnant my in laws told me to leave the house bcoz they r not happy with me during the 7th month of my pregnancy. So I n my hubby bought a new house n separated 4rm the in laws but my hubby still have relations with them. In between my sis in laws hubby wanted to have extra marital relation with me but I refused n told my in laws n hubby abt it. no one believed me. They say I am trying to break to break their relations bet them. My hubby loves sex n now a bcoz of the torture going on I lost interest in sex. I tried to resolve all the problems but all in vein. Even my daughter is against me. She loves her dad very much n always wants him to do everything n my hubby encourages her. Now I am in love with another guy thru net. I know everything abt him n he also knows everything abt me. Even his family knows abt my marriage n everything. He loves me very much n is very caring. He says he can’t live without me. He n his family respects me a lot. He wants to marry me n even I. I feel that I will be happy with that person. He has a good job in his hands. I love him very much n can’t think of my life without him. Is it rite to leave my hubby n my child n goes to him? I am in depression. My boyfriend says the decision is in my hands. He is not forcing me for anything. I don’t want to hurt him at the same time I am confused. I am not happy with my present married life. I feel much suffocated in this relationship of my marriage. Not even my child wants to be with me. I tried a lot to be close to her but nothing worked out n I can’t take my child from my hubby bcoz he loves her very much n she also loves her dad only.pls advice me for this. The person with whom I am in love is very reliable n honest. I want to go to him but still need an advice from u.pls help me.

Last string in your marital life is your child. When you feel detached from your daughter then other consideration hardly matters (because according to you your husband and his family is not good to you). On other hand you have some one and his family who understand and respect you, you should give serious thought to it (as you said he is reliable and honest). However, I will still insist you to think about your daughter one more time, as she is going to loose her mother. If you feel that she is going to be ok with her father and you will not miss her, go ahead.