I am 30 yr female, got married love marriage in 2004 and my husband passed away in 1.5 yrs when my daughter was 7 months old. After that after 1.5 yrs, one of my office colleague proposed that he is willing to marry me and I accepted that proposal. We got married in 2007 and now I’m pregnant, expecting second baby in another 2 months. But for the past one year I am not happy. Even though, I know him and his character to some extent which is very different than normal guys. In reality now I’m not able to adjust things. Very often and for silly things he loses his mood and if I ask anything he will shout at me so I stop asking reason for his lost mood. very rarely if I get angry for valid reasons he starts scolding in bad words which I’m not able to digest and I told him this thing when he is in good mood. What I understand is, I should not get angry and I should adjust all things in life. if not, then I should prepare myself to live alone because he use to say that if I got angry then need to face the consequences and he is ready for anything as he use to tell if I’m not comfortable then I can decide whatever I want. Even in sexual life I use to approach him, then he will accept or reject depends upon his mood which is also a tough thing for me to digest. because I lived a beautiful life with my first husband and now I feel it is tough to pass on each day and especially weekends but at same time he is caring for his mom who lives with us taking care of my daughter when we go office. Basically he is good but lot of ego and never adjusts for any one and he won’t express things to anyone and he want to live for him not for others. I’m expecting a lot of affection to be showed but receive nothing really I don’t want to end up. I like to lead a happy life with him. I feel very unsecure and I feel all alone and I need to live for my kids so I can’t end up my life. Because of this often I’m scolding my daughter and I can’t control my anger. I don’t know how long I can adjust things without showing anger. When I get angry, at the end I’m hearing bad words from him which hurt me a LOT. How can I make my life peaceful?

You are frustrated in your relationship and it is a main cause of your anger. As you do not want to leave him, you have to accept him as he is. Let him feel that you have stopped complaining and struggling to get his love and affection. Find out ways to make yourself happy and relax. Learn to live for your own self. Change in your attitude will surely make him to think and realize, sooner or later. And that will be the time when you really put your feeling across him.