I am 25, and graduate. Since some days I feel my family members are very much disturbed for me, they always think I am not happy. In these days I am doing nothing. I feel I am burden for them, I know that is not true, but my mind always think like that. I am looking very simple, dark complexion; I think they are worried for my marriage, how it will be done? I am also afraid, but I never said them. My bhabhi is very good looking, she is also very proud, I feel very guilty when I am going outside with her. My brother also changed, he always thinks I am wrong, and she is right. Many times I feel this is not my home. For these reasons I lost my mind. I always think negative and always want to die. I don’t want to live, but I have to live. No one needs me…..PLSSSSSSSSS SUGGEST ME, WHAT I WILL DO…….. THANX

You should not feel guilty because of some one’s good look and your average look; it is not in your hand. Complexion and look is nature’s gift. However, you can improve them to some extent. Try to accept what you have and find out other means of improving your self esteem. Find out some meaningful way to keep yourself busy.