I am 24yrs old IT employee met a girl in my company who is 1 year elder than me. We fell in love with each other. I started approaching her for Kisses and hugs first, then it slowly became sex and whenever we get chance we started having sex (not complete sex, without intercourse). She was enjoying my touch initially and the love we both have is true. I don’t bother how she was in the past and she also does not care about my past. Now the problem is my approach towards her. I am expecting sex every time I get a chance, as well as love from her. But she is worried about the society and parents. She is very clear that she wants to do it after marriage, but I am not able to control it. Now the situation is very worst, I have started forcing her many times whenever we both are alone. But still I know that I love her truly and she also loves me a lot. For the past few days she is worried and thinking that it is not good to have sex before marriage. this has become a huge problem now between us. We both don’t want to lose each other in our life. She is from north India and I am from south. I don’t know even Hindi but still we are communicating in English and growing our relation. I feel really happy and proud to have such a girl in my life. I am smoking a lot due to this and masturbating to forget about the sex and want to give her only love and not sex anymore. But she is losing the confidence becoz I am not changing my attitude of sex, smoking and sometimes drinking. How do I solve this problem and get her back into my normal life back?

Change your attitude. Stop smoking and alcohol. If you love her truly then you can do this easily and even you need not to ask me ‘how’!!