I am 24 year old, well educated from top college of India working in Wipro right now, joined it 6 month ago. 1) I did my 10th from boarding school then I came back to Patna (native home).My brother suffering from Bipolar Mood disorder (mania).My father is also Doctor. His treatment is still going on from last 8 year. When I was doing +2 he was extremely violent to any extent like a wild animal. He hit me like animal once he started, and spend all my father money. We became financial so insecure also. I Prepare for various competition exam simultaneously and got good engineering college. I spend 3 yr with him. My brother also hate me because I am most ugly person of my family even my own brother-sister are very beautiful. Very contrast to me as everybody said. 2) I am not at all beautiful because of this am suffering from inferiority complex a lot. Basically of dark complexion. I always avoid meeting people. I hate my look .I don’t want to look myself in mirror. 3) Because of him we started to cut off from whole world. I have no any desire, gradually I became very introvert. (During my childhood days I was very naughty and talkative). 4) Now I fell in love with one person (now he is in Delhi and I m in Bangalore)…He always insisted me for sex…he talk to me only about physical. But I avoid him ….I supported him always emotionally… he also care about me.But I felt that he utilise me as for emotionally. Now I feel I cannot leave without him. (He always tell me on phone to put-off my cloth…Phone sex) I now feel very drag about him 5) I spend my whole life in hostel and never went home during holiday to home. 6) My boyfriend is very intelligent also in Wipro but he is sick about sex. 7) I have one very bad habit of masturbation which makes me very depressive. (Help me to get out from it) 8) I also suffering from grate mood fluctuation. Very happy to very depression. 9) I was student of pharmaceutical science and then join software due financial problem .even I scored in GATE -97.47 (PG entrance exam). I dropped my higher education. I face lot problem in office also which make me very frustrated. 10) I also became more frustrated because of other person behaviour towards me. My mind always talks to myself and talk make me very panic. AM I ALSO SUFFERING FROM MOOD DISORDER? NOW I WANT TO DO SOMETHING IN LIFE. I want to attain great height in life in spiritual world as well as in professional world. I am very emotional person. HELP ME.

Unfortunately, it seems that you are also suffering from Bipolar Mood Disorder, may be not as severe as your brother. This illness runs in family. You should seek psychiatric consultation to get further advice. As far as your boy friend is concern, you are emotionally dependent on him but he seems to be interested only in sex, leave him. It is better to suffer from break up than being used up.