I am 21 years old engineering student. I am in a relationship with a classmate from the past two years. He is normally very rude and aggressive with me. He is a rough man, and I slowly adjusted with him. He usually is very busy and gives negligible time to me. We often have fights regarding this subject and he is also a man with orthodox thoughts. He normally has problems with my dressing sense etc. But I know he loves me. Now, he is away to his hometown for a month, we rarely talk. Meanwhile I found someone on internet, we became friends and we are now very close to each other. He is very charming and pampers me a lot. We have exchanged phone numbers and have met once. I have not told anything about this to my boyfriend. If he gets to know about this, he’ll surely kill me or make my life a living hell. Should I stop talking to my new friend? Am I cheating on my boyfriend? Please help. I have a constant guilt pricking me but I like to talk to this new guy also? What should I do?

What keeps you in the relationship with your first boy friend?! He is rude to you, has no time for you, and does not give you freedom and still you continued with him! If this is his attitude before marriage then what can you expect after marriage? Miserable marital life? Just think on this and then choose to continue or break. After you done with this, think about second one who is likely to be a better one.