I am 21 year old boy and attached very much emotionally with my male best friend and can’t think to live without him. He is my best friend and I have become very much possessive for him that I can’t even see him talking with other friends. I want him to take care of me only and not anyone else. I can’t imagine what will happen to me when he will leave me as our college is ending and we have completed our graduation. I know anywhere-anytime he may also feel same for me, but now he don’t express his feelings to me as I don’t show these things to him as I cause misunderstanding between us. Should I to talk to him this? I know we can’t be together for the rest of the life. What should I do to overcome from this feeling?

Probably you have developed emotional dependence on him. If you know that you are not going together for rest of your life then there is no point in telling him. He may get disturbed as well, may develop aversion or may exploit your dependence depending on his personality type. You should try to come out of your dependence and to stay away from him. In this emotionally dependent state you cannot think of maintaining friendship as that will make you emotionally weaker.