I am 21 but I behave like a child and with whom so ever I get close that person says me that I have a child brain n I should visit a doctor. I have very poor memory and grasping power also due to which I had to leave my job. I also had a relation with a guy for 7yrs who doesn’t loves me. Which he says but he is with me for my mental support. Due to my possessive nature for him I disturb him regularly. For this, he hates me more and more. He doesn’t love me but I do and I can’t see him with any other girl. I am good for nothing. I am lazy, stubborn and can’t concentrate. I am not normal like other people and I take tension for matters, which I should not take. I take serious things casually. Every person says that he wants wife opposite to me. I am very bad. I can’t keep anyone happy. I want to keep others happy and want to do job, want to have qualities. Everyone who talks to me say I am laloo. Please guide me. For everyone I am a headache. I want to get rid from these problems, want to do some thing great and different. Moreover, want to show people I am not laloo.

Your problem is of mental dullness. Mental dullness has many reasons, like intellectual deficit, personality related issues, hormonal problems, depression etc. I will suggest you to consult a psychiatrist to reach at the root of the problem and way out.