Hi sir the problem I am facing is, once when I was with my parents my mom told that she loves my younger sister a lot. After that I am feeling that I am all alone. and one more is I was a distinction student since childhood but in 12 standard I got very less marks n I got scolding too but now I have continued it by getting less marks n my dad tease me like anything by comparing me with my sister. I am really fed of these things n I am feeling that I am not capable .so I think u will help me thank u.

Comparisons between siblings are very common. This does not mean that you are unlovable. Have you ever conveyed to your parents that their certain attitude is hurting you? If you haven’t, please do it in first place. We do like and wish that people should appreciate and acknowledge our efforts and abilities. However, if they don’t; that does not mean we should start thinking that we are not capable. Keep on putting efforts and try to prove your abilities rather then becoming sentimental on such issues and waste your time & energy.