Hi sir please help me….I was in U.K. to do my post graduation. I used to smoke ganja (8 months) but I was not addicted. Once I had acid (once) and I got paranoid. I was so frightened and was out of my mind. Then after one week of that incident I came to India. I was fine but after a week I started being paranoid again. I don’t know what the reason is. During this time I had an emotional stress, then I started getting emotional for simple reasons and I can’t stop thinking that, then to avoid it I started watching blue films to divert my attention. Then I ended up in big trouble. I saw few clips which were under the label family incest .Then I started feeling guilty of it. But I came across all that and I convinced myself it’s the disease in me making me guilty and not my personal fault. But then I’m trying to forget it but I’m not able to. I’m sure I’m going to be better if I could stop thinking about it, but can’t do it. I have not told anyone about my stress because I don’t want to upset them, if at all I say I don’t think they will understand. I want to live happily for my family. Please help me and do reply.

Cannabis (Ganja) can cause such disturbances and that can continue even after you stop using it. You need to consult psychiatrist for complete treatment.