Hi sir, I’m 25 yrs old, my problem is I fall in love with my cousin sister. I m in love since I was 12 yr old, I even didn’t know what is love or infatuation but I liked to sit & talk with her. But she didn’t know anything about it. Last yr when we had such incident that we proposed together & we were in love like kissing & smooches (not sex). Now she is going to marry next month. I m in problem, I’m not able to help myself to forget this. My mind is not ready to accept her wedding. Please help.

I would not call it love. At the age of 12 (and one sided for 13 years), it must be an infatuation. She involved herself into kissing-smooching and decided to marry within a year suggest that she was never serious about this. Might be some pleasure seeking behavior on her part. You need to understand and accept this; rest will be taken care by time.