Hi sir. I Am 23yrs girl working.Am in love with the guy for the past 7 yrs. I meet him often; v had sex and enjoying life. The problem is my mother knows my affair before 6yrs, I told my mom that he is just my friend and talking to him for time pass. My mother warned and advised me that he is not good. He was staying opposite to my house. Later he shifted. His friend had an affair with the house owner lady. So my parents are having a bad opinion on the guys over there. Times went for 7years.my mom doesn’t know that I am still in love with him. We both belong to different caste and language. My family hate his Native place in general and their having bad opinion about the State. Now its time, I have to disclose my affair to my parents. How can I tell and convince them? Please guide me sir?

You should have disclosed it early. Any way, you have to go for gradual disclosure, so that they should not take it as shocking news. Your mother already smelled about it few years back, you open this topic with her. Try to tell her still you like him and you are serious about him. If she gives positive response then go ahead and tell her you want to marry him. If she rejects, tell her that you are having relationship with him since last 7 years and still he has not ran away. This is a proof that he is serious too. You may require to disclose your sexual relations with him and try to convince her if he is like his friend, he would have flown away.  Your relationship has survived for 7 years that itself is one positive point. Issues regarding state and native place are secondary and that can be settled if they accept your relationship in a first place.