Hi, my problem is I am committed to one guy who is really nice as a person. But I don’t like his body language. He is not very conscious of his surroundings. And ends up doing things which looks funny! The way he walks and reacts to ppl in public is sometimes so eccentric. He really doesn’t care about what others think about it. He does not care much about anything at al in life. Takes everything very lightly! So even if I tell him about his behaviour. He will ask me, “why u don’t like it eh?” and I can’t tell him yes as it would hurt him. He is sensitive about things regarding me! Therefore, how do I change him for better without hurting him? Kindly advice!

Why do you think that it will hurt him? Tell him what you feel and Try to explain that you are trying to help him for improving his personality.
One of the rare possibility is he might have some psychological problem like personality disorder, psychotic Disorder etc.